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Head of maintenance of the Sunshine Center
San Diego, CA, USA

The Sunshine Center's Head of Maintenance is a man whose name Ben forgot, and guessed it was either Bob, Bobinson or Bobert.


Not much is known about Bobert's past, except that he is fluent in Spanish. He was eventually hired at the head of maintenance at the Sunshine Center. During one of his early encounters with Ben, Bobert was instructed to always answer with "yes" to any question Ben asks him. Ben, in return, did not bother learning his name, and recalled it was either "Bob," "Bobert," or "Bobinson." Bobert simply answered with "yes." Bobert informed Ben about the issues with the icy arena floor, and warned him about the escaped elephant. ("Pilot")


  • The picture on Bobert's ID tag is a promotional photo of Jorge Garcia's character from Lost, Hugo "Hurley" Reyes, from the episode "Lighthouse".
  • After filming their scenes, Matthew Perry, who is a self-proclaimed Lost fan, called Jorge Garcia "dude," which was Hurley's catch-phrase. After realizing this, Perry went to his office and laid down.